Letter from the First Secretary of the Party of the Catalan Socialists

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The First Secretary of the Party of the Catalan Socialists, Miquel Iceta, adresses the Party’s colleagues in a very sad day for Catalonia.

Please, find attached the letter of the First Secretary of the Party of the Catalan Socialists, Miquel Iceta, in English. 


Dear comrades,


In this sad day for Catalonia I want to address all the comrades in our party.

Today, the Junts pel Sí and CUP MPs at the Parliament of Catalonia, who represent a numerous social minority, but a minority in the end, have declared the independence of the Catalan Republic in a unilateral, illegal and anti-democratic fashion.

It is a severe mistake and a great irresponsibility. It puts our self-governance institutions, our economic progress and the coexistence in Catalonia, all simultaneously, at risk.

As we have been adverting for a long time, putting the Catalan institutions outside of the legal order would involve facing terrible consequences. We worked very hard to avoid it. I want to thank you for all the support, affection and solidarity that we have received in recognition of our efforts. Unfortunately we did not succeed.

Therefore, it has been inevitable for the Senate to authorize the Government of Spain, in application of the article 155 of the Spanish constitution, to undertake the necessary actions to restore the validity of the Statute of Catalonia and the Spanish Constitution, to ensure legal security and to recuperate the normal functioning of the self-governance institutions as soon as possible. We the socialists demand the rapid call for new elections to the Catalan parliament in order to open a new political period in our country.

As First Secretary of our party, I will continue explaining our project for a better Catalonia in a different Spain; a federal Spain that is capable of fully recognising its multinational, multicultural and multilingual character.

It has been almost 40 years since I became member of the PSC. I have seen how the socialists have contributed to build the Catalonia that some have put at risk today. I have learnt from many of our comrades the importance of the values that we share, that explain the force of our beliefs and our common capacity of facing the difficulties.

I am convinced that, once again, in a serious moment for Catalonia, we will rise to the occasion. I encourage you to be confident in our country and in its people, to be firm in the defence of our project, and to preserve the maximum cohesion of our party. That way we will protect the civil unity of our people and achieve the rapid recuperation of the normality in our self-governance institutions.

Today, more than ever and for Catalonia: democracy and socialism!

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